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Willa KURANT is located in the recreational part of Zakopane between the ski resort called NOSAL and the aerial cable car to Kasprowy Wierch mountain peak. In the near distance from the villa there are an indoor swimming pool, tennis courts, ski jumps and beginnings of many hiking trails.

You can relax here at moderate price. Price disparity with a generally high standard makes it to be a good accommodation offer for a wide range of Guests. Moreover, there are: fireplace room and conference room, billiard, Turkish bath, table tennis, green playground for children with a regional shed and barbecue, sports field and modern gym with the equipment.

Additionally, we offer other attractions such as sleigh rides, bonfires with piglet roasting, mountain folk band, trips to the Tatry mountains, Dunajec river rafting, trainings for beginner skiers with an instructor. A big attraction and also a distinguishing feature of Willa is a family collection of chiming clocks (the name of Willa derives from it) which was enlarged from several generations and now it has about 40 clocks.